The book’s space, its architecture

邀请艺术家: 埃洛伊丝·阿隆克尔
What are the book’s spaces ? How to deploy them ? How to distinguish them, designate them? Are they narrative spaces, speculative, conceptual, ex- tensible? Moreover, to what spaces are they meant to? A bookcase, a bedside, a showcase, a backpack, a pedestal in a forest? From the book’s reproductibility results its diffusion, what choices can be op- erated to show the contents, its preciosity, or its dynamism, its spontaneity? Books indeed have spaces, internals, externals, handleable, fragile, funny… Artists’ books take forms often unexpected. They aren’t a support to show a wider artwork, but a work that makes sense, which contributes and is consti- tutive of an artistic approach.