Artist Book Design Workshop

邀请艺术家: 戴安娜 · 布 · 达卡(黎巴嫩)
Plants are living objects, they are an organic complex structure in constant change and adaptation to the environment. Plant has always been a subject of fantasies and dreams in the imagination of man. It is a perfect representation of the raw and the primary nature that man has always wanted to understand. Thinking of a graphic work with plant as content and through an objective and poetic analytical approach allows the extraction of fundamental principles to test and question very specific visual and emotional qualities. The brutality and wildness of plant are perfect subject for visual experimentation leading to a richness in graphical language. Shape, rhythms, balances, chaos, tensions, etc… are part of the language that define the characteristics and expression of a plant. Nevertheless, plants are totally independent from any social and cultural influence, which opens room for a more loose and free interpretation and expression.